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Struggling to know exactly how much 370z Painted Fender Costs in 2022?

Dang! You are visiting the right site. This blog post is not only intended to give you some significant 370z Paint Job Costs, different Paint Codes, 370z’s weight, 370z vs. 350z, and much more.

So, hang on and start reading!


What Are Some Different Paint Colors Best For 370z?

Following are some brief lists of Paint Codes for your 370z Fender just like the way you want it to look:

  • Black Cherry Pearl (NAG)
  • Black Metallic (G41)
  • Deep Sapphire Metallic (RAA)
  • Gun Metallic (KAD)
  • Liquid Platinum Metallic (K23)
  • Magma Red Metallic (NAM)
  • Vibrant Red (A54)
  • White Pearl (QAB)

This 2022 Nissan 370Z fender is made of sturdy, impact-resistant plastic and is meant to match OEM quality and fitment. It is guaranteed to suit the vehicle you specify. This Fender’s high-quality construction can withstand most roadside debris and weather conditions. The item is sent painted and in a ready-to-install state, so you can quickly get back on the road.

The Fitment specifications are given below:

Location:      Front Side of Vehicle

Material:      Steel

Color finish: Painted and Cleared

Warranty:   1 year, unlimited-mileage manufacturer warranty

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Nissan Nismo 370z 

With the technical assistance of top engineers and world-class test drivers, the 370z body kit is something one can not take his eyes off!

370z Painted Fender

The Nissan 370z quick details are followings:


370z Painted Fender:

Nissan’s 370z Paint Job costs roughly cost $680 to $920. Companies are offering 370z Painted Fenders services according to your specific paint codes that are cleared and ready to be installed.

The quality, finishing, and lifetime warranty without any cracking or peeling is a promise from the company. But one thing to keep in mind here is that its price differs from the 370z front bumper painted price.


370z Weight:

Depending on trim level, the 2020 Nissan 370z weighs between 3333 and 3486 lbs. however, the Nissan 350z weighs from 3188 to 3602 Ib. so we can say that the successor of the 2013 Nissan 370z is quite heavy than its predecessor. 


370z Body Kit:

This sports vehicle’s body is everything one could ever wish for!

From Weber Sports Style Body Kit of 285 to SS Lip Cut (2009-2012), the Nissan 370z has a Carbon Fiber Roof Cap too.


370z Rims and Stock Wheels:

The diameter of 20 degrees to 19 degrees and wheel width of your Nissan 370z matters when considering it. The wheels and rims come in different colors. Black, Chrome, Silver, Bronze, Copper, and Grey are the most common.

Although finishing brushes, gloss, matte, and satin matter when it comes to price, you considering Spoke Style, Manufacturing, and Construction would be a more wise option to look for. 


370z Door Handles and Headlights:

Be sure to go by the following details keenly!



  • Space Grade Carbon Fiber
  • UV Gloss Clear Coated
  • Keyhole (North American Model)
  • 3M Stick On 

Weave Options:

  • 3K Carbon Fiber 
  • HoneyComb Carbon Fiber
  • Forged Carbon Fiber

Installation Notes

  • Clean the door handle on the car with rubbing alcohol. 
  • Let the alcohol flash off for 3 minutes.
  • Peel the 3M tape on the back side of the carbon fiber door handle covers
  • Place carefully onto the door handle to ensure proper fitment.


370z vs. 350z:

There is no clear distinction between these two. Although 370z is an upgraded model of 350z, it possesses some catchy features that were not present in its ancestors. 

370z painted stock wheels, and the engine is very different from 350z. Nissan’s 370z is slightly faster than 350z too. Because of its larger engine, horsepower, and somewhat high torque. 

The 350Z’s 3.5-liter V6 engine generates 306 horsepower and 268 pound-feet of torque.


370z Front Bumper:

The Front Fascia for the 2015 Nismo 370Z is seen here. Your 2009+ Base, Touring, Sport, or Nismo 370Z may utilize this fascia. You can have the new Nismo appearance without buying a recent Z!

This fascia kit is composed of many components. The main element is the fascia itself, followed by the Red Accent pieces, plastic insert parts, hardware, emblems, and LED DRLs.

The body kit of 370z doesn’t have fender liners or under tray. 

If you want emblems, there are roughly a dozen parts total, including the corner bumper protectors, red trim pieces, and plastic filler pieces beneath the tag cover. The under shroud differs from fender liners.


Are 370z Parts for Sale?

High-mileage Numerous engine-related issues, such as excessive oil consumption and, on cars made before 2013, oil galley gasket failure, can arise in Nissan 370Zs. The 370Z’s exhaust, catalytic converter, clutch master and concentric slave cylinders, and the electronic steering on pre-2013 vehicles, are all susceptible to failure over time.

Many parts of Nissan 370z are for sale, from street covers to Carbon Fiber Steering.

Now, bringing you the main part of painting a fender of Nissan’s 370z. 

Meanwhile, interested in knowing about Mushroom Painting, you can read our blog!

How Much 370z Painted Fender Job Cost?

Whether you are thinking of doing a metallic silver with gold sparkles or having a mind of hot red or blue metallic on your BEAST, the 30z painted fender job cost work accordingly!

Changing the color of a sports car costs huge, and it depends upon the color code, durability, wrapping, respraying, and much more.

So, if you are considering making one of the above-mentioned points, then you better have your mind somewhere from 16k to 20k.


Let’s Recap Now!

With speed limited electronically to 155 mph, the Nissan 370z Nismo is very fast. Contradicting from 2013 Nissan 370z and 2019’s Nissan, the 2020 Nissan 370z Nismo has a V engine cylinder configuration, 11 compression ratio, and 6.9 ft Cargo Vol. 

Its upgraded tires, racing clutch, special brake fluid, and hoses make it damn unique and catchy, possessing a 6.9/10 rating in CarBuzz. 

So, we wish you the best of luck if you are going for a 370z Painted Fender soon! 


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