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Wild Painting Right Half in Animal Crossing is a game for like-minded people, we must say!

The plethora of different artworks, paintings, and colour schemes have contributed much to its joy, and Wild Painting Right Half is catching the eyes of many gamers.

But with answering, how to tell if Wild Painting Right Half is real? Why it is so famous, and how to purchase it from Redd, we will bring you on an amazing reading journey, so keep your paths with us, and let it all begin!


Animal Crossing New Horizon’s Quick Background

The depiction of the Wind God (Fujin) and the Thunder God (Raijin) in Wild Painting is seen as climatic tumults. 

Even while Japanese mythology is rich enough on its own, when these two brothers are included, a full hierarchy is created, with Amaterasu at the top. The Thunder God is shown in the Painting’s right-hand half.


Wild Painting Right Half: Real Vs. Fake

Wild Painting Right Half
It is possible to see this on display at the Kyoto National Museum on certain occasions.

The real-life artwork “Fujin Raijin-Zu” by Tawayara inspired Wild Painting Right Half. This artwork was created on two folding screens, with the left featuring the wind god Fujin and the thunder god Raijin. Raijin is more green than white, while Fujin is primarily white. Redd is trying to deceive you with this colouration.

If the colours are inverted, you can tell Redd is selling replicas of these national treasures.

Therefore, you can tell the fox is trying to trick your stupid ass if Fujin (on the left) or Raijin (on the right) are both coloured green. If you hadn’t been duped so frequently, perhaps he wouldn’t have persisted in doing this over the years. People, reverse image search is a thing today; there is no longer any justification for this stupidity.


Is Redd’s Ware Accessible to Everyone?

The response differs significantly from what one might anticipate from an open-world NPC. As mentioned earlier, Redd will appear on the island at random and start to display his goods, much like Terraria’s Wandering Merchant.

However, until you purchase your first Painting from Redd, you cannot access his ship, even if it will be present at the designated spot. This mechanic’s reasoning is fairly straightforward. Redd begins by searching for demand in particular regions.

He opens the shop for you to grab whatever you want at generally acceptable pricing once he sees a demand created by you buying his goods. You must be sure of what you’re acquiring before purchasing because it eventually resembles a black market.


What Are Some Other Names of Wild Painting Right Half?

Wild Painting ANCH real or fake Different names are around, and the sellers of these paintings claim that they are the Real Wild Painting of Animal Crossing, but you as a purchaser must differentiate between real and fake.

Quaint Painting Animal Crossing

This name is the fake version of Wild Painting Right Half, and you will notice it when a lot of water is being poured, as that is not happening in real Wild Painting.

Basic Painting ANCH

In this Painting, the forehead of the main character is completely changed and covered by hair. The real Wild Painting has a bald character.

Academic Painting Animal Crossing

A large coffee stain can be seen at the top right of this fake version of Wild Painting. 

Detailed Painting ANCH

You will notice that the detailed Painting has a purple colour scheme, and the real Wild Painting Right Half has a blue colour scheme.

Solemn Painting ANCH

In the fake version of this Painting, you can see that the orientation of the man’s arm alters where it is at the very back of the picture in the doorway. In the real version, you should see his arm touching the wall, not pointing.

Here arises the frequently asked question, Is the Scary Painting in Animal Crossing Real?

The man’s eyebrows point in the opposite direction, from the outside to the centre. The eyebrows in the real painting appear normal. Another probable fake version shows the man smiling rather than frowning and his eyebrows pointing in the same direction are not genuine paintings. 

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How to Purchase Wild Painting Right Half?

If you are searching to purchase Wild Painting, you will probably end up with the wrong version. As the market is flooded with so many fake copies that look the same as the real Wild Painting, that is why here is what you need to know:

Wild Painting Right Half

Image source: Prima Games

New Leaf

The Wild Painting’s availability in the Crazy Redd market in the New Leaf edition. For those who don’t know, Redd the fox currently runs a black market called the Crazy Redd.

Periodically, this store will try to offer you fake paintings that are worthless. It’s wise to check what you’re getting into before purchasing because the paintings in Animal Crossing are rather pricey.


New Horizons Wild Painting Right Half 

Simply move north until you discover a seashore in this market to find the ship. Because of this, the provenance of the majority of Jolly Redd’s paintings is hazy or obscure. As a result, you must first confirm them, especially regarding Wild Painting Right Half.


And here is the brief:

Painting Source Purchasing Price Selling Price Availability
New Leaf 3,920 490 Crazy Redd
New Horizons 4,980 1,245 Jolly Redd Treasure Trawler


Luckily, the prices aren’t high and you can buy and purchase Wild Painting accordingly.



Therefore, differentiating the Wild Painting Right Half in Animal Crossing’s real and fake version is mandatory to buy and sell the Painting.

The main difference lies in the visuals of the character element as if something is missing or not, and skin colour. So, as the issues have been resolved, get ready to locate the Wild Painting Right Half in your local museum. 


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