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Unicorn Face Paint

Unicorn Face Paint is a fun activity to perform, especially on holidays. Kids of all ages love to do body paint. Drawing Unicorn on face resonates with good, positive, friendly, and humble vibes.

So, are you here to know what would be some quick tips & tricks to draw easy face paint of Unicorn within no time?

If yes, then you are visiting the right site, buddy!

Hang on.

Instructions to Follow Before Drawing Unicorn Face Paint


It would go without any doubt that you can play with many ideas while drawing Unicorn on your face. From choosing the colour tones to drawing the wings and body, you have 100% authority to pull it any way you want it to look!

Unicorns resemble much to dinosaurs, butterflies, fairies, and rainbows, so people love to draw unicorns with light, soothing and yet vibrant colours that radiate good signals too.

Young kids like to draw it on their forehead while passing it through one or both eyes. And we think that is the beauty of face paint as it is all up to you how you play with the colour pallet.

Easy Face Paint of Unicorn That You Must Try These Holidays!


Image courtesy: Pinterest 

Harmoniously painting the Unicorn on your face while keeping the face structure in mind is everything you should be focused on when drawing Unicorn Face Paint.

Here are some easy unicorn face drawing that you can follow to draw a cute Unicorn on your face or someone else’s.

So, without any further delay, let’s move to the steps.

1-    Fill your brush with white to start. We advise employing a #5 round bush for this. Then, visualise a portion of it with a 45-degree head tilt placed above the brows. The horn should then be enlarged to be visible from behind the mane. Remember to include the cheek in the painting as well. The girl’s nose is in the centre of the bottom portion of the Unicorn’s neck.

2-    Select your preferred colour scheme. You can apply any light shade to the brush. Then use the full brush’s breadth to draw the mane.

3-    Apply a deeper shade to the outside of the mane to give the details a fuller appearance.

4-    Next, paint a rainbow around the brow and eye from top to bottom using a flat brush and a “Rainbow” colour. The rainbow has a broader top and a smaller base.

5-    Use a tiny brush to contour. The stroke is better the narrower the brush. First, draw a circle around the horn and then a blue eye from the split “Rainbow.” Prime Strong Black is used to highlight the remaining specifics. Leave a white glow in the eyes.

6-    Draw teardrop-shaped lines, swirls, stars, and dots from the bottom to the mane.

7-    If desired, add some glitter and crystals to the decoration. We’ve finished our unicorn design! Instead of a rainbow, you may try adding elements like a wing or a back with a tail, or you could use patterns to adorn.


Done with drawing cute and catchy Unicorn paintings on your face, clicked BOMB photos, uploaded on INSTAGRAM, and enjoyed the vibe?

Meanwhile, if you enjoy reading, then give a read to our blog Nude Paintings. 

Now, let’s move to another important section of this blog: the removal of Unicorn Face Paint from your face. 

As many people don’t know the current method of removing face painting, we’ve decided to give you a brief piece about it.

Some Quick Tips for Removing the Unicorn Face Painting


Making a face paint look should be thrilling, but things may go wrong if you don’t know how to apply or remove face and body paint correctly.

To make your skin appear clean, make sure you have access to water to rinse the makeup and paint.

Most paints may usually be removed with washing and water. Try cold cream, makeup remover, oil, skin wipes, or lotion if that doesn’t work.

Use a cosmetics set with 30 design stencils, flat and detail painting brushes, and 12 classic colours. The paint is easily cleaned with water and is FDA compliant, non-toxic, and water-based. Use blue and purple strokes to draw a silly unicorn face, and don’t forget to include corn!

Applying some tonic on a cotton pad and gently wiping your skin is a way to ensure that all the paint has been removed.

Voila! You have the ideal tools at your disposal to put on and take off makeup quickly.


With signing off, let us show you some cool and easy unicorn face drawings you can try this summer.

1-    Unicorn Crown Design


Ideal for both kids and adults, this design is very cheeky and effortless to paint on the face.

Eyes being painted with warm and vibrant colours and brows giving the shape of a Unicorn’s ears, you can draw corn in the middle of it.

This design also resembles rainbow face paint; thus, you can play with ideas.

2-    Winged Unicorn Design


In this idea, you can draw light-coloured shades on your forehead as wings of a Unicorn and further paint its eyes on your eyes.

This idea is quite relevant to butterfly face paint. 

3-    One-eyed Unicorn Pattern


You will draw a side profile of a Unicorn in this design, and to give it a magical touch, you can also remove stars and sun around it, but in a light tone, so as not to disturb the main element.

We must say this design pattern is just like the fairy face paint.



We hope you liked our easy tutorial for Unicorn Face Paint. And if you enjoyed some of our designs as discussed above, don’t be lazy to give it a try and tell us your views in the comment section below. 

With much love, Happy Unicorn Drawing!

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