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What is Secret Art Storm Sword? Just For Celine Epic Seven Lovers

Secret art storm sword is a book that goes from generation to generation in Celine’s family. And if you are wondering who Celin is, we will also give you some crisp facts about it.

This book is about revealing secrets of forming a sword within one’s body that kills the enemies with lightning speed.

But, Who is Celin?

An Earthly element is a thief capable of inflicting a good amount of damage when an enemy uses a non-attack skill.

Blink activities when an enemy uses a non-attack skill, dealing damage with their damage sharing effects ignored.

From recovering health proportional to the damage dealt, Celine thunderclap dispels all the de-buffs from the cluster, inflicting damage and happening of storm surge. How it happens, we will discuss later.


Celine’s Artifact

In epic seven, a great defensive and offensive unit, it can attack randomly on enemies.

Her skill three now grants barrier, boosts her evasion, slices her opponent into pieces, and restores health. The damage will increase if she soul burns it (2.3x multiplier).

She can quickly and safely defeat any non-fire adversaries with an attack buff. That is why Epics seven’s Celine counter is so beautiful.

If she cries, her skill one additionally has a damage bonus. So, try to reach a 100% critical rate if you can.

She excels in Guild Wars’ defense, particularly in PvP, since her passive reduces the number of opponent attack units that can attack owing to a 33% probability of being rocked by her strike (especially with her artifact), making it difficult to bring any buffer or Auxiliary Lots. Celine’s buff in Epic 7 is much more remarkable.

Her survival ability could become problematic if the evasion RNG is not on your side. To surprise opponents, she might be developed with full damage or speed and some damage. She is a capable single target damage dealer that can be incorporated into most team setups. To prevent being stunned or silenced in PvP, having immunity set on her is helpful. These attributes in Celine make her best in Epic 7.


Now, we will discuss some skills and stats in this book.


What Are Skill Sets and Stats in Secret Art Storm Sword?

Skill Effects in Base and Max are given below so that you know how to do the trick whenever an enemy chooses a non-attack skill to attack you.

Skill Effect (Base)

Whenever an enemy performs a non-attack skill, there is a 50% chance that the caster will receive more Attacks for one round. Just one activation per turn is permitted.

Skill Effect (Max)

Increases Combat Readiness of the caster by 24% and have a 100% chance to raise Attack for 1 round when an enemy performs a non-attack skill. Just one activation per turn is permitted.

Atk (Base) 21
Atk (Max) 273
Health (Base) 32
Health (Max) 416


Epic Seven Celine Counter

Although Celine got muchly privileged in Epic 7 Secret Art Storm Sword, however, different artifacts (by class) are followings:

  • Mage
  • Thief
  • Knight
  • Warrior
  • Common
  • Ranger
  • Soul Weaver


Are There Some Recommended Heroes in Secret Art Storm Sword

Storm sword’s Elden ring and dauntless characters have made some artifacts unique and mesmerizing.

  • Celine
  • Kayron
  • Violet Talisman
  • Khawana
  • Coli
  • Assassin Cidd
  • Judith
  • Righteous Thief Roozid

You’ll probably equip these artifacts for your defense team in Guild War or the Arena. It is incredibly helpful for Thief class heroes when placed on a defense team against an opposing team that employs a non-attack talent to increase their CR and offer buffs.


Celine is a Nerf, not a Buff. Is That True?

People nerfed her S3 (an on-demand de-buff-free attack with respectable heal) and buffed her S2 (which is a trigger not 100%, 0%, especially when facing actual players)?

Now that the barrier has been implemented, we are trapped with an S3, which is meaningless, and we have to wait for a boosted S2 to activate, which might not occur. Oh, I almost forgot about S3’s nerfed heal.


Epic 7 Sword of Winter Shadow

Sword of winter shadow has the same seven artifacts as discussed above, but the skill effects in Base and Max are quite different.

At the base of the Skill Effect, the Attack increases by 15%. And has a 50.0% chance when employing a non-attack skill to take 15 souls away from the adversary.

The attack percentage in skill effect Max is the same. However, the chance is 100% now.


So, as promised, we will tell you about storm surges too, so here you go!


When Does Storm Surge Happens in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, Storm Surge only begins in the third zone if the match meets all of its requirements.

Typically, this mechanism only works in crowded tournament lobby settings. You should know the following Storm Surge player counts: The third zone has 70 players left.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in Art Galleries, you can read our blog.


Rihanna and Lucilla in Epic 7 Artifacts

Secret Art Storm Sword
Image source: Youtube

“You’re our today’s target. I’ll let you know now that there’s nowhere to run.”

– Moon Assassins, Rhianna and Luciella.

The category of Rihanna and Lucilla in epic seven is Exclusively Thief, with five stars.

As every class of thieves needs a hero to maximize their potential to attack enemies, and most people look forward to those having more combinations of skills.


Secret Sword vs. Sacred Sword

Although Sacred Sword has a little higher base power and already qualifies as a physical strike, Secret Sword is still effective.

Additionally, we believe that Special Attacks and Physical damage-dealing attacks are overrated.


Innovations That Should Be Made in Secret Art

More recently released artifacts, like Goblet of Oath (which always provides the cooldown reduction effect, even at +15), have a fixed effect plus a stat boost that increases with limit breakers.

The amount of combat readiness should still depend on the artifact’s level (18% at +15), but we believe Secret Art Storm Sword should be “modernized” to give the user 100% combat readiness at all levels.



Secret Art Storm Sword is an Artifact that increases Combat Readiness and Attack of the caster when an enemy uses a non-attack skill.


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