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The anime novel, Painter of the Night, is an ongoing BL (boys love) comic series written and illustrated by Byeonduck. Lezhin comics publishes this South Korean series, and its availability in Spanish, English, and Korean makes it all-around ablaze.

We will unfold some exceptional crisps of the whole story, so keep your seat belt fastened and enjoy reading!

Quick Summary

Yoon Seungho discovers that Baek Na-kyum has been producing artwork. After being located, Na-kyum replies that he is not the Painter, prompting Seungho to attack his aide with a katana blade for the alleged fabrication. Seungho orders Na-kyum to be transported to his house since he cannot determine who is speaking the truth due to Na-unconsciousness. Na-kyum tears up again when he is asked whether he is the Painter, but Seungho wants him to reside there and continue to paint intimate scenes with other people. Seungho remarks that he has all ten fingers and eyes; thus, he cannot understand why Na-kyum cannot paint, but he could probably provide a valid explanation. When Seungho finds that Na-kyum tore the art pieces due to disgust, he appears happy.


Being a skilled artist since birth, Nakyum decided to quit the journey of making paintings when he published some collections under a pseudonym. Then, a young man, Seungho, showed up in his life.

Is Painter of the Night Getting Animated?

Painter of the Night

Yes, the writer, graphic designer, and animator of this whole series illustrated it extraordinarily, contributing the lion’s share to its hype.

An acquaintance of colors scheme, captions, and emotions of expressions with a blending touch of reality makes it so appealing.

Significantly, the part when Seungho forced Na-kyum to be his private Painter. The scene says it all. 


Yoon Seungho: After hearing about Na-kyum, he searches for him since he likes his paintings. He identifies himself as a man who is exceptionally aggressive and impatient.

Baek Na-kyum: He was Raised at Kisaeng’s home after being abandoned as a young child. After getting to know him, he believes that everyone at Seungho’s is simply noble in appearance.

Lee Jihwa: As the subject of a painting that Seungho is holding, he runs across the artist Na-kyum once more and wonders if Seungho is staring at him or the artwork.

Seungho: He tracks down the poet In-hun to keep Na-kyum under control. In-hun is a teacher who also instructs young people in literature. Seungho allegedly possesses everything In-hun lacks.

Yoon Seung-won: He, also known as the younger master, writes to Seungho before seeing his elder sibling in person. Seung-won informs Seungho that their father’s condition has deteriorated and that he will not be stopped for whatever reason.

Deok-Jae: He believes others in the backyard, including himself, are being made fun of since they are working while Na-kyum is playing by creating snow people. He is picking up art supplies to give to Na-kyum.

Meumyeong: The alias of a street beggar acting as an assassin for hire is known as the “No Name Assassin.” His mask and cloak hide Mumyeong’s lengthy hair and bulky build.

Min: The name of a lord who receives encouragement from lord Yoon and learns that In-hun has passed the initial round of the civil service examinations. Min makes fun of Seungho for falling for what he labels a “low born” because he believes Seungho has affection for Na-kyum.

Heena: She is interested when she learns that a painter is staying at Seungho’s house and is clothed in a Hanbok with her hair braided.


Popularity in Korea & Japanese

Korean name: 야화첩 (Yahwacheop)

Japanese name: 夜画集 (Yoru gashū)

Genre: Yaoi

Translated in three popular languages, it ignited the fire in its notability. Painter of the Night became the most read comic novel in Chinese and Korea as all three seasons have been conveyed in Korean. However, the first and second seasons are Japanese, and the fandom is waiting for its third season to be translated speedily.

Is Painter of the Night Like Killing Stalking?

Since they are so strikingly alike, you will likely enjoy both. Both exhibit similar vitality, and to chime in, both include high amounts of mental and physical manipulation. The fact that both men are colored is also a plus.

While Killing Stalking is a psychological thrill and horror series full of drama and fiction, Painter of the Night is a bit more emotional and more spiritual love story. 

Painter of the Night

Amidst, the parts that collide perfectly may include:

A sex worker who poses as blind meets a serial killer who is a well-known novelist in the play Blind Play. This manhwa is quite exciting. It’s available on Lezhin. Season 1 is already over, and season 2 is now airing.

Black Mirror is a manhwa that oddly combines horror with yaoi. Two childhood pals who unintentionally cross paths again must confront the tragedies one of them has long since forgotten.

It’s about a person who loses his memories twice, forgetting in one case why he leaped from a building to commit himself and forgetting in the other situation that he had previously lost his memory.

Preview of Season 3- Painter of the Night

In the comic book’s last chapter, everyone was looking for No-Name.

Seungho then shows up at that spot, and everyone bows to him. He observes Na-Kyum shaking. He thinks it is out of fear. Without comprehending who he was asking, Na-Kyum requested Seungho to liberate him. When Seungho approaches Na-Kyum, she relaxes and embraces him with a grin on her face. No-Name, Jihwa, and Min entered storage in the meanwhile. It was for a meeting when they would decide what to do next. Season 2 has concluded.

Why Painter of the Night Season 3 Delayed Again?

In August 2021, Painter of the Night Season 3 was planned for release. But no release date or, for that matter, a postponement announcement has been made. But once more, in the absence of a declaration, we could anticipate that the second season of The Painter of the Night won’t debut in August.


Promotions and Achievements

Lezhin Comics published a review of Painter of the Night with presenters Summer and Eddy on their official YouTube channel on June 5, 2020. They posted an interview with the inventor, Byeonduck, the next day.

Lezhin Comics posted the official Painter of the Night Season 2 teaser on their official YouTube account on July 15, 2020.

The Best BL Lezhin Award 2019 was given to Painter of the Night by Lezhin Comics Korea and Lezhin Comics U.S.

Is Painter of the Night Based on a True Story?

Hanyang, the capital of the Joseon Kingdom (formerly known as Seoul), is where the narrative takes place in historical Korea during the Goryeo or Joseon eras.

Based on Lee Jung-blockbuster Myung’s historical fiction book, which used artistic license to suggest that Joseon painter Shin Yun-bok may have been a woman.

Final Verdict

The finale of Painter of the Night seems to unwind some scenarios that already make it unavoidable to read. Will the novel be finished with a happy ending or bring tears to the eyes and end up as a tragedy? Or something very unexpected is going to happen soon? We will impatiently wait for it.

One thing’s certain: Seungho and Na-relationship with Kyum are confused, much like Yoon Bum and Sangwoo’s.

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