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Naruto Painted shoes, paintings, nails, Cosplay and wallpaper are famous among kids and teens, making it the best anime because it evokes emotions and a spark of inspiration. 

Masashi Kishimoto depicted a rousing story of Naruto Uzumaki in Shonen Jump Weekly Magazine, in which the concept of fighting and medical ninja taught the readers a lot.

Fans and Followers of the Naruto Anime Series painted revolving ideas on Canvas, cosplayed them in the best way and went viral on TikTok and Instagram.

So, are you a lover of the Naruto Mega Series too? And finding the best place for some trippy Naruto paintings and couldn’t find the best one yet?

Let’s find no further!

We will show you how you can easily draw Naruto and Sasuke paintings and other Characters on your shoes using acrylics, colour markers and sprays.  

And give you some crips where you can find Naruto Painting Hokage Monument.

So, let’s read, champ!


Step By Step Easy Naruto Painting 

  1. Start by cutting out a circle to serve as the head guide. After that, draw in the face guidelines as shown.
  2. The lower portion of Naruto’s face structure should then be drawn in. As this is where the headband is created or inserted, there is a straight horizontal line across the head.
  3. Once the face has been sketched in, you may begin drawing Naruto’s eyes. Thick, darkening lines should be seen on the top lids. Then give him a serious smile, a pleasant grin, and some nose holes.
  4. Draw in his brows slanted to show his serious attitude, then colour in his actual eyeballs as shown. Follow these steps to add the whisker lines to his cheeks before moving on to step 5.
  5. Okay, guys, draw the headband out and then create the shape of the central plate. After that, draw Naruto’s ears and add some hair combed over his forehead. The sixth should be followed after removing the inner ear details.
  6. For the last step. Complete creating the massive, spiky hairstyle for Naruto. To secure the headband plate on the band, add three dots to each side of the vessel. Next, design the village’s emblem in the exact middle of the circle. You must now begin eliminating the errors and instructions.

So, here is his sketch, well prepared for colouring. We hope you liked this Naruto Painting. 


Mind Boggling Body Paint Art of Naruto Cosplay

Believers and fans of the Naruto series are going viral by doing Cosplay and body paint art and Naruto paint face, and here is another story that would inspire you!

Momoshiki Otsutsuki was Boruto’s first actual clash with a member of the famous clan. Still, after being defeated, he has regrettably continued to be a significant pain in Boruto’s side as he attempts to take control of his body. In conclusion, it’s one of the most significant confrontations in the series, and it might not be long until Momoshiki’s complete form emerges. 

Until then, artist @yaizaperez brought Momoshiki’s character to life by doing body paint art in an extremely surprising way! 

Naruto Painted

Image source: @yaizaperez 

Also, please read our blog about Body Paint Nudists. 

Anime Naruto Painting Ideas on Custom Shoes

We are showing you an easy Naruto painting. So, now let’s jump to another amazing part of how to make cool Naruto Painted Shoes most easily.

Materials Required:

  • Rubber sole shoes
  • Solid coloured (black and white would be preferred)
  • Water-resistant shoes
  • Acrylic Paints/ sprays/ permanent color markers


Process of Naruto Painting on Shoes:

Just like drawing Naruto paintings on Canvas is easy, it is also easy to make Naruto Painted shoes.

1- With the help of a pen or pencil, draw a rough draft of your drawing and then eliminate unnecessary parts.

2- Look at your required acrylic colours, sprays, or markers and start painting your shoes.

3- Go from the broader side to the narrower one, and then start shading.

4- After you have done these, allow your boots to have a sun bath for soaking.

5- Tie the laces of your shoes, and that is it!

After following the steps mentioned earlier, you can have sleek Naruto Painting custom shoes that you can wear or gift to friends.

Note: You can also add some personalization like glitters, stones, and beads to your drawing to give it a catchy look!

Try this one, and thank us later.


How to Take Care of the Hand-Painted Naruto Shoes?

As Naruto acrylic paintings need care, so do your customized shoes!

  • Below are some precautions you would need to follow if you want to keep Naruto acrylic painting shoes alive for a long season.
  • Washing them with gentle hands would be a way to go.
  • Avoid wearing them in rainy weather.
  • Try to take care of them as much as you can.


Where to Find Amazing Naruto Painted Shoes Online?

You can also find very cheeky and lovable Naruto Characters’ shoes online that deliver their product with much care and awesome customization.

Custom Movement, Naruto Painting’s Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart are some places to go!

Not only do they have Naruto Character Painting shoes, but also they have apparel, tee’s, bags, mugs and much more. You can hang Naruto paintings on a wall or decorate one side of your room with its stickers too. 


Let’s Summarize:

Naruto painter fanfiction has been getting the eyes of many since 2000. People love this Mega series so much that they cosplayed it, customized Naruto-painted nails, and played with different Naruto painting ideas.

Let us know in the comment section which character of Naruto you like the most and why.


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