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Moving Painting ACNH is one of the forty paintings in forgery.

Being one of the beautiful masterpieces in the Animal Crossing gaming series, it can be donated to the museum and added to the art gallery. This easy-to-do task has made Moving Picture ACNH to being easily collected by the Happy Home Designer.

With so much popularity, how do you know that Moving Painting is real in ACNH? How do we differentiate between the Moving Painting’s real and fake versions, and what could be some ACNH Moving Painting’s haunted in Animal Crossing?

To answer many questions like these, let’s start today’s blog with a quick background on Moving Painting in ACNH.


The Backstory of Moving Painting

Depicting the Birth of Venus, this artwork was created by an Italian artist, Sandro Botticelli, back in 1482.

The conjuring of beautiful, soothing yet attractive colours shows us the Roman Goddess of love and beauty.

While blowing Venus to shore, Zephyrus is met by Horae, a Goddess of the Seasons, who presents her with a floral garment.

As this mesmerizing picture has so many replicas available on the market, how do you know what is the real Moving Painting in Animal Crossing?


Now, let’s get dig into the real mess!


Is the Moving Painting in Animal Crossing Real?

Moving Painting ACNH

Image Source: Moving Painting ACNH

The difference between the Moving Painting real vs fake has been sorted out with redd’s guide.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, the fake Moving Painting doesn’t have trees in the top right corner. But this difference is very hard to spot as the trees lie in the Redd’s Trawler, so we suggest you guys zoom in as much as possible to detect any fakeness.

Moreover, here lies another important aspect that you people would be considering. Don’t get astonished by the moody tones of the Painting, as the real Moving painting ACNH have lighter yet brighter and catchy colour schemes. However, the fake Moving Painting’s colours are very dull and dusted.

Now, if you have distinctly understood the real Moving Painting ACNH, let’s get straight to the purchasing step!


How to Buy Moving Painting ACNH?

You can easily get this beautiful artwork from the Treasure Trawler. But Redd’s Moving Painting ACNH has both real and fake versions, and it is you who will spot the fake copies.

But why Treasure Trawler? You will often meet Redd and his Treasure Trawler in the Animal Crossing game, so you should know which Moving Painting ACNH you will buy before bargaining from them.


Haunted Moving Paintings in ACNH

There are many fake copies with fake names sold out from Redd, but how do you know if a Painting is haunted in ACNH?

Here are some tricks to figure it all out!

As artworks are not always what they seem to be like and pretend! But our team is all here to assist you in our best ways.

Haunted Moving Paintings act haunted and manifests like doing things on their own, but how do you know a Painting is Moving in Animal Crossing?

Here you go:


Graceful Painting ACNH:

The woman in the Graceful Painting will turn her gaze in a different direction.

Scenic Painting ACNH:

The fake version will not have a hunter.

Scary Painting ACNH:

Instead of frowning, the scary painting character is in a good mood and smiling. 

Famous Painting ACNH:

The famous Painting of the Mona Lisa has lifted eyebrows, and the real one doesn’t have raised eyebrows.

Wistful Painting ACNH:

When the lady in the Wistful Painting closes her eyes, it appears she is sleeping.

Solemn Painting ACNH:

In the fake version of this Painting, you can see that the orientation of the man’s arm alters where it is at the very back of the picture in the doorway. In the real version, you should see his arm touching the wall, not pointing.

Warrior Statue ACNH:

In this statue painting, the real version is not holding anything, but you will see that the fake version is holding a shovel.

Moody Painting ANCH:

This version is always genuine and can’t be altered.

Wild Painting Right Half:

You will spot the fake version of this Painting in a way that the beast is white. In the real Wild Painting, the beast is of green colour.

Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about Wild Painting Right Half, you can read our blog.

Ancient Statue ACNH:

At 6:00 PM, the eyes of the Ancient Statue will begin to glow blue. Additionally, it levitates in place when you contact it.

Robust Statue ACNH:

The real statue is not wearing a watch in his hands, but the fake version is wearing a look on his raised arm.

After a brief overview of differentiating the real and fake paintings in Animal Crossing, we will move ahead toward the Painting in ACNH.


Can You Paint in Animal Crossing?

Adding art to the Island has never been easy, thanks to the new art generator from Getty!

Animal Crossing New Horizons offers you a Customizable Furniture item, and the Painting Set can be placed on the ground or someplace with space for holding things on.

You can make custom patterns from the artworks by using many famous collections available there. The Painting set gives you four variations with four colour patterns and can also be used in DIY projects as crafting materials.



So last but not least, paintings in Animal Crossing are available, and you can spot the real and fake ones at a glance only if you know the real difference. Moving Painting ACNH can be spotted now. 

We are sure you know how to tell if the Moving Painting is real ACNH.

Keep Creating, Keep Inspiring!


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