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Cheap tools instead of brushes for kids’ painting are not only fun to play with, but they are also very cost-effective.

We know paint brushes are made for painting, but how to paint without a brush? What could be different alternatives, and what are some best art supplies for kids?

Answering many questions like these, let’s start today’s blog with a famous quote from my well-known artist.

 “What is done in Love is done well.”

–    Vincent Van Gogh


What Can I use Instead of Paint Brushes?

Don’t stop creating and inspiring if you don’t know how to use a paintbrush in its best way because we will tell you some awesome alternatives you can use instead of paintbrushes.

Painting without a brush is called painting, too, although it doesn’t look that cheeky and professional.

Some cheap tools instead of brushes for kids’ painting are used for covering the larger areas of a paper or canvas, and some are intended for making colourful patterns and designs.

So, let us know what we have got for you!

Covering Large Painting Areas

You can teach your kids to make an acrylic painting without brushes too with sponges, palettes, old credit cards, other papers, tissues, newspapers, mugs, balls and much more.

Covering Small Painting Areas

And if your kid wants to draw an element or character, minded to make a pattern or design, you can let him do this with leaves, bottle caps, toilet paper rolls, small old boxes, colour markers and many more.

Now, let’s see how your kid can be creative with “homemade paint brushes”.


Cheap Tools Instead of Brushes for Kids Painting

1- Sponges

Cheap Tools Instead of Brushes for Kids Painting
Cute colourful Sponges for Painting Instead of Brushes

An excellent substitute instead of using paint brushes is using sponges. They come in different shapes, sizes and colours, giving you many options to utilize them according to your wish. They are foam paint brushes and kitchen sponges too. You can draw or cover larger areas with them easily. But remember washing them after using them.

Now wondering, what can I use instead of a sponge for painting?

Head over to our next tip!


2- Your Fingers

Cheap Tools Instead of Brushes for Kids Painting
Fingers are the Best Cheap Tools Instead of Brushes for Kids Painting

Even though it can seem ridiculous and funny, you should give finger painting a shot. Finger painting can be fun and gives your journaling pages more texture and intrigue.

Additionally, occasionally using your fingertips instead of a paintbrush gives you far better control over the paint. It is one of the best cheap tools instead of brushes for kids’ painting.


3- Brayers

It’s frequently used with acrylic paint, but you may also try it with watercolours if you feel adventurous.

Most art journalers love the texture that may be produced while painting with a brayer. As you work, the paint may potentially drip off and provide a unique appearance on your page.

Now, you might be thinking, what can I use instead of paint roller/brayers?

Keep reading!


4- Painting Knives

Cheap Tools Instead of Brushes for Kids Painting
Painting Knives Could Also Be Used as Cheap Tools Instead of Brushes for Kids Painting

Paint application tools other than brushes are also available. Paint has always been applied on surfaces using a palette and painting knives. There are several sizes and styles of palette knives. It is the best tool to make an acrylic painting without brushes.

Applying paint to the paper first, you paint with them by making long strokes with the flat side of the knife or the rear of the blade (or short ones). Trust us, it is one of the other wonderful cheap tools instead of brushes for kids’ painting. 


5- Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper rolls can be used to stamp paint, even if you can’t paint huge regions with them. Depending on how many colours you pick up with the registration, this produces unique circles.

Being cool and cheap tools instead of brushes for kids painting, toilet paper is always fun to play with when it comes to painting instead of paint brushes.

Use this method to add backgrounds or patterns to your walls as it is the best wall paint brush substitute.


6- Spray Bottle

Cheap Tools Instead of Brushes for Kids Painting

For spray painting with watered-down liquid watercolours on paper, fabric, or snow. Or for spraying water on the chalkboard or outside. You can generally pick these up at the dollar store and other places for cheap.

7- Baby Wipes

They are wonderful for smearing paint and are something we all have in our houses. Use a baby wipe to spread paint to create an even painting surface. They’ll provide a comparable soft impression because they’re moist and squishy. Due to their moisture, they may greatly smear the paint.

Utilizing them with stencils is yet another fantastic idea. For instance, paint a page with acrylic paint, cover it with a stencil, and then use baby wipes to remove the colour from the stencil.


8- Leaves/ Plants

You may cover leaves with acrylic paint and use them as a stamp to create beautiful nature prints on paper. Make it more entertaining by adding other colours for a more eye-catching result.


9- Droppers

Filling droppers with liquid paint colours and then drawing patterns on paper is one of the best cheap tools instead of brushes for kids painting.


10- Bottle Caps

Bottle caps may make little markings and various designs on your page, like toilet paper rolls or cookie cutters. Additionally, if you gather caps of all sizes, you can go for them and create gorgeous backdrops or add embellishments.


11- Straws

By blowing paint onto the page while using straws, you can paint.

This approach could be a little challenging for novices, so you might want to practise it for a time, but the key is to explore.

Depending on how you blow, the paint will then begin to take on patterns of various forms.

Additionally, you might attempt painting by just blowing air onto wet paper with paint.


12- Bubble Wraps

These are not fun to play with but are also very beneficial when painting without a paintbrush.

We hope you have come across wonderful and cheap tools instead of brushes for kids painting and now thinking, are there some best art supplies for kids that are not too pricey?

Then, yes!

Here you go.

Meanwhile, you can read our previous blog post about Moving Painting.


Best Art Supplies For Kids

Cheap Tools Instead of Brushes for Kids Painting

If you want your child to be productive and creative, let small hands play with colours and let them explore their way.

After homemade paint brushes, we have brought some crisp and catchy ideas for the best art supplies for kids.


  • Scissors

For modifying objects to your desired size and shape. Because they provide pointed tip scissors for kids a bit more experienced.

  • Hole Punch

Making holes is a kid’s favourite! However, little hands may struggle to operate the common hole punches we are all familiar with. Kids can utilize packs of DIY hole punches that are available! They also come in a variety of cute forms.

  • Stapler

Besides hole punching and scissors, you can also use a stapler of different colours. A stapler is one of the Cheap tools instead of brushes for kids’ painting. 

  • Tape

A strong and weighty tape dispenser can make acquiring (Scotch-type) Tape considerably simpler for little children.

  • Masking Tape (One of the Best Cheap Tools Instead of Brushes for Kids Painting)

For holding down paper edges, collages, hallway hopscotches, Tape resist art projects and hanging artwork on walls.

  • Pencil Sharpener

We chose a double pencil sharpener because it is easy to use, effective for thin and thick coloured pencils, and keeps shavings off the surface.

  • Eraser

While we are suckers for fun erasers, nothing beats a good ol’ kneaded rubber eraser for regular art use.



Painting without a paintbrush can be fun but at the same time frustrating too if you don’t know cheap tools instead of brushes for kids painting. And same goes for wall paint brush substitutes.

So, we are all here to see your kids’ creativity in the comment section! 


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